Getting started on your taxes

When it comes to preparing your taxes, having all your documents in order is half the battle. Every person or household is a little different, but with a little planning you can have everything ready to go so the process will be smooth and easy.

What to bring:

Below is a list of common forms and information needed for tax preparation. Please review the list and bring the items that are applicable to you. To prepare for your appointment, please complete the relevant forms (Personal, Business and/or Rental Property) and bring those with you. 

For Reporting Income 
  • Form W-2 – Wages and Tax Statement
  • From W-2 G – Gambling Winnings 
  • Form SSA-1099 – Social Security Benefit Statement
  • From 1099-R – Retirement 
  • From 1099-G – Unemployment Income 
  • From 1099-DIV – Dividends on Investments
  • Form 1099-B – Sale of Stocks
  • Form 1099-Int – Interest Earned on Savings, Checking, Savings Bonds, etc.
  • Form 1099-NEC – Self-Employment Income
  • 1099-Misc – Rental Income, Royalties, Other Income
  • From 1099-K – Income from Self-Employment 
  • Form 1099-C – Cancellation of Debt 
  • Form K-1 -Investments (Report the income, losses, and dividends of a business’ or financial entity’s partners or an S corporation’s shareholders)
  • Form 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace Statement (to reconcile advance Premium Tax Credits for Marketplace coverage)
  • Other Income Documents and Records of Virtual Currency Transactions
For Deductible Expenses  
  • From 1098 – Mortgage Interest
  • Property Tax Paid
  • Charity Statements from Cash or Check donations (church, Red Cross, any 501(c)3 organization) 
  • Receipts for Items Donated (Spring Dell, Salvation Army, etc.) 
  • From 5329 – IRA Contributions
  • Large Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses
  • Form 1098-T – College Tuition Expense 
  • Receipts for Cost of College Books
  • From 1098-E – Student Loan Interest
  • MD 529 Plan Contributions
  • Daycare Expenses


Complete this form to provide us with essential info to begin preparing your tax returns.

Complete this form to provide important information about your business’ income and expenses.

Reference this guide to come up with an accurate total for deducting the cost of donated items.

Complete this form to provide important information about income and expenses related to rental properties that you own.

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