For the last 15 years, Steve Hans has been a vital and popular member of the JRJ Income Tax Service, making tax preparation his second career and extending the branches of our family business.

Recruited to join the team by his sister-in-law Pamela Hans, he made the leap and hasn’t looked back. While tax prep season is our busiest time of year, it’s his favorite time because he gets to interact with the people who come back to JRJ year after year.

Get to know Steve with this quick Q&A …

  • As a member of the family, what does it mean to you to be part of a family business that continues to grow and thrive?
    It is an honor to be part of this family business. One of the co-owners is my sister-in-law. She was the one that recruited me after I retired. Very thankful that I came and have stayed here working.


  • What sets JRJ apart from other firms?
    We are open all year round. We help clients with issues after the tax season is done. Other companies close up after the tax season, leaving people to find places like ours to get answers.


  • What do you enjoy most about your work on a daily basis?
    This is my social session with clients. I love seeing all of the clients I have been doing for years. It is like a catch-up on what has been going on in their lives. I enjoy that a lot.


  • What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
    After tax season, I take a few weeks of serious downtime. My wife and I reconnect after a grueling season. We go on vacation with family and by ourselves. I golf (but not too well). We have community activities throughout the year that we will be a part of.