It takes a special kind of person to be a certified tax professional.

Fortunately, our office is full of them — and we’re looking for more. You might wonder, “Why now? Tax season is still more than six months away.” 

Now is the perfect time. 

We’ve already got customers lining up their tax prep appointments. New customers and faithful returning customers alike. They come to us because they expect great service, and we want to make sure they get it every time.

So we’re looking for talented, experienced tax professionals to join the JRJ family today. We don’t like to brag, but this is a great gig. And that’s hard to come by in the tax prep field these days. 

If you’re a tax pro (or you know someone who is), we’d love to talk to you. If it already sounds good, head over to our Careers page, check out the full listing and apply online today.

Want to hear more? Keep reading because we’re going to share a few of the best reasons to work with us.

We’re Flexible to Meet Your Schedule

We’ve got full-time and part-time positions available. You can work with us seasonally, or you can work with us year-round. We know that, for most people, life is busy and it can be difficult to find a company willing to be flexible enough to make it work. But we’re that company. 

We’re a family business, and we know how important your family is to you. Though tax season is always a rush, for most of the year, your schedule will be yours to choose. We’ll help you do it all!

You’ll Have All the Training and Support You’d Ever Want

Other tax firms will hire you and throw you to the wolves. We’re different. We’ll give you all the tools you need to succeed. Every new hire at JRJ gets thorough training on our internal system, but we think you’ll find it pretty intuitive, too.

And you’ll be surrounded by an experienced and friendly staff that is always willing to answer any question or help you through any situation. They’re the best. Seriously. The best.

You’ll Enjoy Exceptional Job Security and Stability

JRJ Income Tax Service has been thriving in Southern Maryland since Ruth Haney opened our first office back in 1982. Now, 40 years later, we’ve never looked back.

As a family business, we have multiple generations working side by side every day. The ones who aren’t related always seem to become like family, too. We work hard, and we care about each other. We make this a fun place to work.

You’ll Learn, Earn and Grow

We’re all here to make each other better every day. At JRJ, we place a high priority on developing your skills and tax expertise so you can not only do the best job possible for our customers but also so you can become the best at what you do.

We also compensate you for doing the outstanding work and putting in the time and effort to be the best. In addition to your salary — which is highly competitive — you’ll be eligible for commissions and bonuses, too!

Are you still reading? Apply already!

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